embrace the madness


I have leveled up in the world and started a podcast!

I figured that times are a changing and reading is BORING. Maybe not boring, but it’s definitely hard to catch time in our busy world. I get it. No hard feelings. So in order to make things easier on you, I decided to create content that you can listen to on the go!

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Every Monday morning, you can find new episodes to listen to. I’m going to be talking about things similar to the content found in my blog. Suffering sucks, and it’s inevitable. But our lives don’t have to suck! We can overcome these struggles once we break down what’s really at stake. Life is way too beautiful and awesome to be down on yourself. Let’s take back control and create our reality.

Conscious living is the way to go!

Are you with me?!



About the Podcast:

By living intentionally, we can optimize our happiness and fulfillment of the human experience. I feel that since we are all humans, that we have to be experiencing a lot of the same feelings like sadness, joy, shame, and fear. I thought that if I was able to sort through the yucky stuff and come out on top, that I could somehow share my stories with others, so they could do the same. Here, we address the issues of being human and ways to eliminate suffering. Learn how conscious living can create lives that are easier, richer, and overall way cooler.